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I have known the Stevens’ for a long time.  I’m talking…I was at their wedding in…1999 was it?  2000?  Anyway, over 10 years.  Bo & Chrissy were always one of my favorites of the family to hang with.  They are fun, friendly and they love each other.  Love each other.  I need to stress that.  I haven’t seen them in sooooo long, but since the last time I saw them, their family has grown by two beautiful children.  This was their {first} set of family pictures, so I felt honored that they chose me for the occasion!  Bo & Chrissy….thanks so much for the opportunity.  You have such a sweet family and it was so good to see you guys again!

I have known Amber for about six or seven years now, and if you don’t know her, you have missed an incredible lady.  We hardly ever talk, we hardly ever see each other, but she is still someone I consider a close friend.  She is so incredibly creative (she made all of my girls bouquets for my wedding) as well as paints, makes pretty wreaths…I could go on.  In life, you know givers and takers.  She is a giver, hands down.

Now that you know how awesome she is, her family is just as!  We all gathered on a very windy Sunday to capture a few moments of life, despite her precious little boy thinking that taking pictures was the least fun thing he could think of!  Thank you Mixon Family for being long time clients and even better, friends.

Meet Cara & John, a couple I met through a vendor friend of mine!  They are getting married on the very popular date of 11.11.11.  John is head over heels in love with Cara.  He is attentive, kind & an exact match for Cara.  Cara has stolen my heart.  This girl has a smile that won’t quite!  We have already shot her bridals, but of course….those must wait until the day after the wedding…womp womp.  Anyway, moving on!  Cara is ab0ut to finish her boards for law school and I am just pulling for her until then!  Good luck Cara!  You will be an ABSOLUTE asset to ANY firm!!

That’s right.  Un~Senior.  What is an un~senior?  Anything BUT a senior, of course!  This is Gabby, and she just had a very special birthday come about…her 15th!  So we ventured out to document this time in her life, and I’m so glad she and her awesome mom chose me!  Yet again….I’m convinced that all of the girls at LSA are beautiful and sweet as pie!

Rebecca, Gabby, you were both SO easy to work with, and so incredibly sweet.  I hope to work with you guys again when senior time comes!

Christine and Jayme had a beautiful wedding here in Houston a few weeks ago, and I would like to share a few of those images with you.  I would love for you to know how kind this couple is.  They were so appreciative and sweet, and I absolutely loved working with the two of them. 

I will have you know that Christine is a majorly talented graphic artist and has such a creative thumb.  She pulled all of the details together and had her own vision of what she wanted, so with the help of Bows and Arrows, they made an absolutely beautiful day come alive!  I hope you will all show some comment love for this couple…they deserve the recognition, and it’s always nice to know I’m not just blogging for myself;)

Christine & Jayme, it was a pleasure working with the two of you, and I wish you much happiness!

This picture below makes me laugh, and I hope it brings a smile to your face as well!

The Big Day.

The day that every bride dreams of, every father dreads, and every mother can’t wait for it to finally be over.  The whole weekend was perfect on the last weekend in March.  The reherasal went smoothly, the sun was shining and there were good laughs to be had.  Oklahoma City played a nice little trick on the day of the wedding.  That said….we rocked a great outdoor wedding on the very chilly (40 degrees) evening of March 26, 2011.  The bridesmaids, poor things just about gave me daggers for eyes for all of the pictures I got them to pose for, but they did BRILLIANTLY!  The weather was great for me =)  I didn’t sweat one drop!

The venue was beautiful and I have to give a shout to Lynda McCasland and Coles Garden for making this wedding beautiful.  Also, the reception was off the HOOK, and everyone knows that a good DJ makes all the difference.  Chris Cox from A+ Entertainment had everyone on that dance floor from the start to the very end.  I have to say that it was the most fun I have had at a reception in a long time!!

Karl, Paulette, Chris & Mike~ You all pulled together to give a wonderful wedding that I will remember for a long time.  I am so happy for your two wonderful children, who I believe will be very happy together for years to come.

Give them some comment love peeps.   They worked for it!

And for those of you who view the blog regularly, don’t hate!  I don’t usually do repeat shots, but the Minnesota clan wanted to make their very own “LOVE” picture!

They came from opposite ends of the states.  Brian is a small town yankee from Wabasso, MN.  He’s a die hard Minnesota Twins fan (and now so is she).  His mamma raised him right, and he is a perfect gentleman.  Pace is not your typical girly girl.  She’s a Red Raider from Deer Park, TX.  She’s a daddy’s girl, but not a princess, and just laid back and cool about everything.  She also swore she’d never get married. 

They’re both Zooology/Wildlife majors and met while working at the Gainsville Zoo.  Now, they are both working at zoo’s in Oklahoma City, OK.  That’s where both families came together on the weekend of March 26, to celebrate Pace & Brian’s wedding.  Richter family meets the Franks.  The Richter family of course holds a VERY special place in my heart.  That said, I had never met the Frank’s.  A word to describe?  AWESOME.  I love this family!  So fun, so kind, so welcoming.  A close knit family who knows how to have a great time! 

While I was in Oklahoma City, we decided to take advantage of time and squeeze in an engagement session.  We went down to ‘Bricktown” which is a fun area with tons to do.  Then, we got a back stage pass to the zoo where we took some shots with the animals!  Brian’s favorite is Asha, the elephant.  She is pregnant with her first baby, and it’s also the zoo’s first baby (which is a big deal) so everyone is on watch.  She managed to make time for a cameo in a few shots here. 

Give them all some love, peeps!