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This beautiful girl is a senior this year, busy with cross country running, academics and choosing her top colleges.  Meet Kathleen.  Be sure to check out her throwback sunflower shirt from the early 90’s.  She was rummaging through an old box of clothes and came across it, and in turn, has become her favorite shirt.  She gave me a heads up that she wasn’t good at posing, but I think she did awesome!  Kathleen, I hope you love your pics!

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Makeup by Kristina Frank Makeup Artistry

I can’t say enough good things about Stori. What can I say?  She’s ideal. Beautiful, full of life, smooth skin and she needed no direction whatsoever!  She has so much confidence in front of the camera and made my job SO easy.  She’s well behaved, and sweet as pie.  I recently shot her mothers wedding in December.  Stori just had a birthday and turned 14, and what she wanted was a photoshoot–which she ROCKED!

You don’t get any better than this for an American girl.


On the day we were supposed to shoot Michelle’s senior portraits, a giant thunderstorm came right through downtown.  We were about to cancel when I saw a bit of blue sky coming our way.  After waiting it out for about 45 minutes, we had clear skies.  We really lucked out because she had her hair and makeup done, which would have really been bad if she had to re~book that!

Michelle is beautiful.  Those eyes are hypnotic!  She plans to attend UT after graduation, which I don’t plan on holding against her;) Please leave her some ~love~

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone make a graduation gown look so good!


You may recognize Tyler from a shoot I did for him a few years ago.  He’s graduating this year and so we went down in to Houston to torture him slowly with pictures;)

Congrats Ty.  Your Mom and Dad should be so proud of you!!

And no senior session would be complete without their high school sweetheart!




Even though Dillon is still shy 1 year of being a senior in high school, I’m still gonna categorize him under ‘Seniors’.  Um….does he LOOK like he belongs under the ‘Children’s’ tab?  Negative.  Dillon is sorta family.  Thru marriage.  Our families share Thanksgiving sometimes so that counts, right?  Anywhoo…we had planned to shoot pics for him over a year ago, but life happens, so we finally got to it!  Dil-you did really good.  I’m proud of you.  I sure hope Barney doesn’t see the jumping ones…;)


She’s a senior, she’s in choir, she is a theatre chic….& she plays the guitar.  I’m not sure the guys are going to measure up to this one.

Marie’s older sister was another of my seniors from LSA a few years ago, and I must say, these parents have got to be so incredibly proud of their children.  The siblings don’t look alike, or really have the same interest, but they do have in common that they will make a mark on the world.

Marie is FULL of personality and drama.  She reminds me a lot of, well, me.  She isn’t afraid of being silly, or speaking out, or posing.  She’s sure of herself, and I think she’s going to be hell on wheels, quite frankly, for some unsuspecting young man some day.

Marie~ In everything you do, do it to the fullest.  ;)

She’s a firecracker, this one…

I keep hearing the theme to The Hunger Games when I look at the picture below.  Marie and I were messing around and she just goes and climbs up in this tree to pose as the Mocking Jay;) LOL!